Aquaovo Water Filter

It’s not often that water filter and beautiful are uttered in the same sentence. Economical, efficient, quality – yes. But until the AQUAOVO, we were hard pressed to find a filtration system of such superior aesthetics.     Having received the “Best Product of the Year” award in the kitchen appliance category at the Guggenheim’s Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards in 2009 for their signature product, the OVOPUR, it’s clear that the company has an affinity for gorgeous design. But what’s beauty without the scientific backing?   With first-class filtering materials like KDF 55, activated carbon, microporous bioceramics, and quartz crystal, the multilayer AQUACRISTAL filter cartridge is proven to remove chemicals and organic pollutants from your drinking water. Like all filters, the OVOPUR replaces the use of plastic bottled water and saves tons of plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill but it’s the additional reduction of plastic that we’ve found so unique.   The wireless system uses gravity instead of electricity to filter water and boasts the only glass filter (known as the AQUACRISTAL) we know of – so it’s reusable, recyclable and entirely plastic-free!  The ceramic egg shape (again, no plastic!) allows water to circulate inside to prevent stagnation and reduces bacteria build-up, plus the natural thermal properties of the ceramic keep the water surprisingly cool. And because it requires no electrical hook-up you can move the stand around and place it wherever you’d like (great for outdoor parties in the summer)!   Today, the Ovopur is part of the permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.   BUY NOW! When you have Healthy, Green, Cost-Effective and Art gathered into the same product, it means that you are very close to perfection. Order your’s today and  receive a FREE Therm-O glass bottle!* * while stocks last  ]]>

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