SkeeterVac Mosquito Trap SV3100H

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Price[/tabtext] [tabtext]Details[/tabtext]  [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]   Special: HKD6,290 (Art# 00009)   *LPG tank gas sold separately, cost 16kg HKD400 (cost may vary from time) [/tab] [tab] SkeeterVac SV-3100H Mosquito Trap Art# 00.009 – Simulates human breath & increases mosquito kill rates – Up to 1 acre coverage against mosquitos & other biting insects – Designed for outdoor conditions – No electric cords – propane powered (standard 16kg LPG) – One touch easy ignition – Unique 5-color LED lighting system to effectively attract insects – Safe: Concealed combustion chamber engine with tamper-resistant gas line – Designed to continuous operate, 24-hour a day – Easy 1-2-3 assembly, no tools required – USDA tested & proven   – Consumables: Attractant & TacTrap – replace every 60 days LPG (Propane) 16kg – replace every 30 days   – Size: L43*W64*H99cm – Weight: 16kg
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